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Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada. Specifically, a sprawling, lesser known cesspool-like area of unknown usefulness and stank therein, perhaps utilizing the facade of 'nature reserve' to ward off the unwary of its true identity.
'What's that rancid stank, bro??'
'Look around you, son. We're sitting literally right in the middle of The Asshole of the Universe.'
'Must we toke up HERE??'
'Indeed. Now pass me that bottle, and right here: in the very epicenter of the Great Cosmic Ass, high as kites shall we imminently proceed to get.'
'So be it.'
by uncle Bert July 31, 2012
A Derbert is a biomelecuelor structure found in small sheep. IT breathes blood and lives of the large intestine.

A Bessingthwaite is a larger version of the pure form that is a Derbert Bessingthwaite.

it is also harmul if injected into a human via testtubes.
'AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!! i have a Derbert!!!!'

"i'm sorry, u have 5 seconds to live"
by Uncle Bert March 10, 2004
a fat fish that lives deep in the bowels of an obese guy and hibernates to create a bigger version of himself to create a bloated person that can wade around the streets of New York
Bloat Mania
by Uncle Bert February 12, 2004
splong splong splong splong
splong!!!! splong!!!!
by Uncle Bert March 10, 2004

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