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You know when you're on the shitter, really gruntin' one out, spend 20 minutes hammerin' the commode, and when you've finished, there's only two little knobs of doo in the bowl.
Dude, what took so long?

Sorry man, I have a bad case of "dispinchloafia" today.
by Uncle Kurtie November 15, 2006
It's when you sling the cock back and forth across your significant others' face in a kind of slapping motion 4-5 times, then you take the hardwood and poke them in either eye while yelling "hey moe". Then get the hell out of there!
Chuck: Hey David, are you keepin' yer ol' lady in line?
Dave: Well, she started to act up, so I whipped out the lumber and gave her the "hey moe" and that fixed the problem!
by Uncle Kurtie April 07, 2007
When a guy doesn't bathe, causing his cheese coated piss pipe to smell like a haunch of limberger!
Dude, you should tell your brother to bathe, I can smell his limberger lumber from here.
by Uncle Kurtie October 14, 2006
It's when you've blown your load in her mouth and she's not quite finished with the chum. She begins rubbing the head of your unit across her lips like an over size chap stick, moaning for you to give her more!
Dude, she looked like she had dry lips, so I let her use my chum stick!!
by Uncle Kurtie June 01, 2007
Boss Hogans are simply put " perfect titties " You know, the right shape, the right nips, the right size, the right perk. Very hard to find, especially in a matched set.
Whoa Chuck, look at those Boss Hogans! They're awesome! Tell your little sister to get some new shirts, she's grown since last summer!
by Uncle Kurtie May 15, 2007
Feminine protection for fat ass broads. It looks like a swamp cat-tail on steriods. Used specifically to "Tampoon" a fat bitch on her period.
That beast won't take a maxi-pad, she needs tampoons!
by Uncle Kurtie November 11, 2006
It's when the chick is hot, but you question her hygiene!! You dont want her rubbing her dirty dick beaters on your junk. Instead you allow her to cup her hands and play catcher for your load of man milk. When you finish, you tell her to wash up and get the fuck out.
Chuck, she was so smelly, I could only let her do the mumms. Tell your sister to take a bath!
by Uncle Kurtie June 01, 2007
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