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To wipe one's ass maximizing the amount of poop on the tissue.
That bturd turned into a bchad. I had to write a letter to the President to get rid of it.
by Uncle Boe October 19, 2010
A turd that keeps rearing it's ugly head no matter how many times you flush.
Blake is like a bturd. Can't get rid of him no matter how many times I flush.
by Uncle Boe October 14, 2010
A piece of toilet paper that has maximized the area available to collect fecal matter.
I left Blake a presidential letter to thank him for the bturd he left in the toilet bowl.
by Uncle Boe October 20, 2010
(Bubble Bubble Puff Puff) To indicate that someone has been smoking pot.(From the sound of a hit being taken from a bong)
What the hell is David talking about?

I dunno. BBPP.
by Uncle Boe September 24, 2010

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