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5 definitions by Una bella flor

able to influence other people easily (as opposed to bribing or brainwashing).
Jasper was really charismatic, able to influence peoples feelings.
by Una Bella Flor December 22, 2006
72 30
known to squeal, giggle, scream, and stay up to ungodly hours of the night obsessing over, but not limited to: a book, tv show, movie, or some excessively hot celebrity
My boyfriend does not appreciate me being fan-girly over other men.
by Una Bella Flor December 21, 2006
25 7
both revolting and repulsive at once. Usually used by girls to describe icky things like, but not limited to, throw up or a spider....possibly an outfit
OMG!!Did you see her vest?? It's REVOLSIVE!!
by Una Bella Flor December 21, 2006
2 5
the state of being excessivly attractive causing a girl to drool and possibly pass out

Edward's abs were so yummy, I couldn't resist the urge to reach out and pet them.
by Una bella flor December 10, 2006
38 86
the best book in the whole world, revolving around a human( Bella) and a vampire (Edward) and their dangerous love for one another seeing as Edward not only loves her, but also thirsts for her blood, unable to control his vampire instincts. syn: my bible
Twilight is my bible.
by Una Bella Flor December 22, 2006
923 2564