45 definitions by Una Malachica

a work of art that's not quite a masterpiece
Timothy Noah judged There Will Be Blood to be a halfterpiece.
by Una Malachica January 29, 2008
condition of being a geek
I'm counting on you helping me with this project since you have so much geekity
by Una Malachica July 30, 2008
The attempt to overcome the negative effects of one's gaffe
After the candidate made an awkward reference on camera, her supporters went on TV immediately in a gaffe-termath
by Una Malachica May 27, 2008
a relationship though initially close soon dissolves
We must have had a mimosa tree friendship. At first we did things together, talked a lot, but when I changed jobs, we lost touch.
by Una Malachica April 10, 2008
Naming a future winner on the basis of an interpretation of the candidate's momentum.
Based on momentucracy, political commentators can pick a winner long before that candidate has the number of delegates sufficient to win.
by Una Malachica January 29, 2008
what's happened to a house that was knocked off its foundation by a hurricane.
Our house was slabbed by Katrina.
by Una Malachica January 30, 2008
to deliberately choose to spend time on something not particularly important
Chris Young is already enjoying the day off. Been reading on my front porch, recording videos, and just goofing off in general. Later on I plan to goof on in particular ways.
by Una Malachica July 17, 2009

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