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being protective of one's turf
I'll be glad to hear your opinion--I'm not turfy.
by Una Malachica January 17, 2008
a state of higher yoga-induced bliss, from the comic strip, Cathy, by Cathy Guisewite
In any competition, we exhibit one-upmanship. When we are competing in how good we are at yoga, we exhibit one-om-manship
by Una Malachica January 16, 2008
Not. Happening. Dude.
When Paul Begala responded to the rumor that he was joining the Clinton campaign, he said, "N.H.D."
by Una Malachica January 12, 2008
having integrity, being civil, particularly, on-line, not rude, not overly offensive
the Online Integrity Statement requires that we practice integrilicious blogging.
by Una Malachica December 22, 2007
to hand something over to somebody without giving up emotional attachment to the object
He turned over the chairmanship but continued to give counsel--unwanted counsel. He had relinquished the post then immediately linquished it right back.
by Una Malachica May 13, 2008
the way information is transmitted from person to person in the computer era--by clicking on links
We used to hear things by word of mouth; now, we hear them by word of click.
by Una Malachica February 24, 2008
an Obama supporter older than 21 (souce: Slate)
College kids like Obama, and so do baractogenerians.
by Una Malachica February 15, 2008

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