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45 definitions by Una Malachica

The Gomboc is a roundish piece of clear synthetic material with gently peaked, organic curves. It looks like a piece of modern art. But if you tip it over, something unusual happens: it rights itself. A three-dimensional object that purely by dint of its geometry had only one possible way to balance upright.(from New York Times, 12/9/07)
He's such a gomboc. No matter what life tossed at him, job loss, divorce, sickness, he kept bouncing back.
by Una Malachica January 27, 2008
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being protective of one's turf
I'll be glad to hear your opinion--I'm not turfy.
by Una Malachica January 17, 2008
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a state of higher yoga-induced bliss, from the comic strip, Cathy, by Cathy Guisewite
In any competition, we exhibit one-upmanship. When we are competing in how good we are at yoga, we exhibit one-om-manship
by Una Malachica January 16, 2008
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having integrity, being civil, particularly, on-line, not rude, not overly offensive
the Online Integrity Statement requires that we practice integrilicious blogging.
by Una Malachica December 22, 2007
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to hand something over to somebody without giving up emotional attachment to the object
He turned over the chairmanship but continued to give counsel--unwanted counsel. He had relinquished the post then immediately linquished it right back.
by Una Malachica May 13, 2008
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the way information is transmitted from person to person in the computer era--by clicking on links
We used to hear things by word of mouth; now, we hear them by word of click.
by Una Malachica February 24, 2008
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an Obama supporter older than 21 (souce: Slate)
College kids like Obama, and so do baractogenerians.
by Una Malachica February 15, 2008
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