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avoidance of overly dramatic movies or tv shows that feature complicated domestic plots
Crankshaft refused to watch soap operas on the basis that he was lachrymose intolerant.
by Una Malachica November 23, 2008
a reason that I'll tell you what you should be doing even if I have never seen you before
I mention to a stranger, "Your shirt's not buttoned right," or at a local restaurant, I'll suggest what he should order for lunch, and add, "anybody's mama, everybody's mama."
by Una Malachica February 29, 2008
allocating blame in advance (coined by Andrew Sullivan in discussing the upcoming defeat of the McCain-Palin ticket)
Republicans have begun precriminations in discussing why someone else is at fault in this year's election failure
by Una Malachica October 26, 2008
a trick, an easy way out
I use the Daily Show as a slinter so I don't have to actually read the newspaper
by Una Malachica March 30, 2008
reversed momentum, created by Slate columnist Mickey Kaus, to describe how a loss in the previous primary is followed by a loss and a loss by a gain
After 11 straight losses, we expecting mutnemom to kick in for Hillary Clinton.
by Una Malachica March 04, 2008
opposite of inevitability; quality of not just having to happen
Now that her campaign has recognized the evitability of her campaign success, they are having to make a lot of changes
by Una Malachica February 25, 2008
The Gomboc is a roundish piece of clear synthetic material with gently peaked, organic curves. It looks like a piece of modern art. But if you tip it over, something unusual happens: it rights itself. A three-dimensional object that purely by dint of its geometry had only one possible way to balance upright.(from New York Times, 12/9/07)
He's such a gomboc. No matter what life tossed at him, job loss, divorce, sickness, he kept bouncing back.
by Una Malachica January 27, 2008

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