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to work at a job that pays so you can afford to moonlight at the job you like.
He plays guitar at night and sunlights as a lawyer.
by Una Malachica January 29, 2008
my half-brother's half-brother
Jason and Lydia's son is Sam. Clai and Lydia's son is Will. Jason and Maureen's son is Davis. Will and Davis are quarter brothers.
by Una Malachica May 17, 2008
the enormous impact of the internet on political campaigns, in spreading news, in generating enthusiasm, and in gaining financial donations.
Like it or not, we now belong to a clickocracy -- one nation under Google, with video and e-mail for all. By Jose Antonio Vargas
Washington Post Staff Writer
by Una Malachica April 01, 2008
Arrangement in which a couple shares a dorm room.
Although the university permits male and female students to share dorm rooms, they frown on roomcest.
by Una Malachica May 02, 2008
someone who lives in the suburbs and votes Democratic
I finally realized that I could vote Democratic even though I live in the suburbs--I am now a suburbocrat.
by Una Malachica March 18, 2008
the practice of diabetics who avoid taking insulin, which can cause weight gain, in order to control their weight. Despite its name, the disorder does not involve purging (Source: New York Times).
She turned to diabulimia because she was more afraid of being fat than being dead.
by Una Malachica March 02, 2008
Use of Nintendo's Wii video game system in rehab therapy for patients recovering from strokes, broken bones, surgery and even combat injuries.

Wiihabilitation is recommended by James Osborn, who oversees rehabilitation services at Herrin Hospital in southern Illinois. He says that using the game console's unique, motion-sensitive controller, Wii games require body movements similar to traditional therapy exercises. But patients become so engrossed mentally they're almost oblivious to the rigor(source Yahoo).
by Una Malachica February 08, 2008

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