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The language and writing system created to guard Ardamian secrets.
The infiltrators could not read the document, for it was written in Klei.
by Umshaad Trivates January 11, 2004
1) An Ardamian (Klei) word meaning "Shadow".
2) The rank of the highest authorities in Ardam.

pl. "Umshaads"
The Umshaads vetoed the decision to enact a new section of the Code of Ardam, deeming it an unnecessary complication of a simple set of rules.
by Umshaad Trivates January 11, 2004
1) 1994-2003 "Adam Rowland and DAn Mohammed" - initially "ARDAM Tech" - a tech club founded at Bayside Secondary School and which became an international Mars colonization society (later known as "The Ardamian Empire")following its arrival on the world-wide web in 1995.

2) 2004-present. "Aerospace Research, Development And Marketing" - The First ARDAM disbanded in 1999 - but ARDAM was re-opened in 2004. Shortly afterwards, the Ardamians elected to change the definition of "ARDAM".
ARDAM will one day be the most powerful economic force on the planet.
by Umshaad Trivates June 20, 2004
Not quite Punkish and not quite Funky.
That guy's outfit is pfunky.
by Umshaad Trivates January 29, 2004
The period of time between 2:00am and 6:00am when you should be in bed, but you're up chatting with your loser friends, or some obscure chinese or australian person (or an obscure american if you are from either of those countries) on some forsaken message service such as IRC, ICQ, MSN, AOL, or Yahoo!. It's not quite Morning and it's not quite Night, but you're still up doing god-knows-what. You're always confused on whether you should say "Good Night" or "Good Morning", so here's a new one for ya: (see example)
Good Norghting.
by Umshaad Trivates January 11, 2004
Anything pertaining to the secret society of Ardam.
I am an Ardamian.
by Umshaad Trivates January 10, 2004
A paper device, which, when thrown from a tall apartment building, can catch an updraft and begin to oscillate as it "falls", theoretically, it could fly for hours, especially in areas such as Chicago where heavy winds can produce city-wide updrafts.
When I moved to Toronto, I flew a Perfect Urban Toy from my new apartment to the Humber River.
by Umshaad Trivates January 10, 2004

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