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a name of Arabic origin, but most commonly used in Persia and the Indian subcontinent: it means "that which creates pride." In Arabic it is a feminine name, in Persian/Urdu it is masculine. Also the name of the most magical young man in the world.
Iftikhar always makes me smile.
by Umifty February 03, 2010
an Arabic word referring to freshness and new life. Can be a male name (female form is Nadia/Nadya) and is also the common term used to describe a park or country club in the Arab world. Another form, nada/nida, refers to dew.
He plays for Nady al-Ahli, but Manchester United wants to sign him on.

Q: Hey, who is that gorgeous Arabic teacher?

A: Oh, that's Nady. But he's married.
by Umifty February 03, 2010

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