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an exclamation used in the club when you and your friends see a person that you know for a fact is a SLUT. It is used most often in gay clubs around Mobile, AL and Pensacola, FL.
"Did you hear me mothafuckas?! I said I'm calling for a SLUT AISLE 9!"

U: Hey guys, do you see what I see?
A: Hell yeah I do! *laughs*
K: I see it too! SLUT AISLE 9!
*everybody repeats loudly*
*the slut's friends also scream, unaware of what they are screaming about*

Jimmy: I don't understand why you're mad at me.
K: Because your a slut aisle 9.
J: What?
K: You heard me. Now go think about what you did.
J: *walks away, shamed*
by Umi-la March 20, 2007

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