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1. Uncontrollable laughter.
2. Laughing at random nonsensical things.
3. Having no sense of when to laugh
4. An alternative meaning is to pee because of excessive laughter.
1. Zeemu lashed out in a semonti and made a fool of himself.

2. Umeez had to go to the bathroom because she got a semonti from Zeemu's jokes.

3. Ummez makes a fool out of herself because of her semonti.
by Umeez July 31, 2008
Not knowing what Hyphy means.

Slang word used in Hyphy music that means not knowing what Hyphy music is all about
Your Stunna shades aint going to make you look fly, your such a Svetha, So don't pretend to know Hyphy is because you will never get it..
by Umeez August 12, 2008

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