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Cross between 'Slut' and 'Skuxx'
Look at that guy, he's a slux

check out that chick, shes a slux
by Umagz2 March 19, 2011
Meaning to eat in class/ or anywhere serious you aren't meant to eat food - WITHOUT getting caught.

Strategic eating is pretty much a gamble.


-Sitting in the back of English class with a bag of corn chips and slowly & quietly crunching some doritos yo.


-Chewing food ....then the teahcer asks you to answer the question. Then you're screwed.

=Detention :(
James was sitting next to Jessie in the back of English class & was Strategic Eating.


Jessie was chewing on some doritos and the teacher asked Jessie for the answer to a complicated question...Jessie failed with her mouth full.
by Umagz2 March 29, 2011
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