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4 definitions by UltraNatasha

Swimming wearing underwear (skivvies) as a substitute for swimsuits, usually done with friends at night. Often involving alcohol and trespassing.
I wanted to go skinny dipping with her but wasn't quite ready to reveal the full package yet, so I opted for skivvy dipping in my boxers.

I was really glad I had worn my matching bra and panties last night when someone suggested we go skivvy dipping in a random hotel pool.
by UltraNatasha December 13, 2008
The intense feelings of peace, warmth, optimism, and overall well being upon the official inauguration of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States.
"Hey what's wrong with you?"

"I'm not sure, but I think I just had a pretty intense changegasm watching Obama's swearing in and inaugural address. Yes we can!"
by UltraNatasha January 20, 2009
The combined headache, neck ache and general sense of confusion one feels after watching an episode of LOST due to all the liberties it takes with the time-space-continuum.
I don't know if I can watch LOST any more. Flash back. Flash forward. I'm getting whipflash!!!!!
by UltraNatasha January 21, 2009
To search for, or cyberstalk, someone via a number of different internet search engines and/or social networking sites. For example, stalking someone on FaceBook, MySpace and Google to see what you can find out about them.
I've got a date with that guy tonight, and I haven't had a chance to cross-stalk him yet!
by UltraNatasha May 28, 2009