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a real fucking blow job, one choking on your shaft to the tune of Yankee doodle dandy, on tonguing the balls and massaging the thigh, and one with her fingers in the ass. Swallowing is neccessary, so dont spit it out
girl 1- i really love my boyfriend, will you guys help me give him a presidential homer?

girls 2+3- fuck yeah!
by ultimo March 09, 2005
A lop-sided creature with a tendancy to fall sideways. Commonly used slang for idiot.
HaHa! You fell over... you're such a Zealot!
by Ultimo December 08, 2004
Frequently used substitution for items of a homosexual nature.

Slang term for a person who imagines making love to famous homosexuals.
That's gay! You're such an Alstaire Tuohy!
by Ultimo December 29, 2004
A 33 year old ass that dwells in a Pojo. Famous for making love to boxes of shoes.
Are you WildWill? HOW DARE YOU!!! I WILL BAN YOU!!!
by Ultimo December 20, 2004
kids who dont get into prep because they severely lack intelligence, athletic ability, charisma, and ability to get ahead in the buisness world. also their school color is PURPLE! in no way is purple remotley considered cool.
where were you mugged?
right by gonzaga
by ultimo February 25, 2005
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