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The best thing that has ever happened to this world. The soul of the universe. The most important being of all. All who deny Ultimatepuff will be spammed to death.
John: Hey Steve, do you know Ultimatepuff?

Steve: You mean that spamming piece of---

A loud screeching sound suddenly hits Steve, a box labeled "spam" falls onto Steve.
by Ultimatepuff December 13, 2007
Phailology is the study of phailing. Many people on the internet love phailology and study it.. Phailology is performed by many people on /b/, something awful and many other online communities.
Bob: Hey Jim! I just got my PhD degree in phailology!

Jim: How?

Bob: I went on forchonz and I started pissing people off.

Jim: But how'd you get the degree?

Bob: idk u noobz0rz lulz
by Ultimatepuff February 20, 2008

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