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Magic Find Runs.

A term used in Diablo 2 in which player(s) constantly make games, kill a particular monster(usually superunique or a boss), and make a new game in the hopes of finding "l33t itamz."

Players that do mf runs usually devote hours of time to it, often neglecting family, friends, school work, etc. These individuals neglect to exercise the ability to play cooperatively with others players, usually stealing drops from others when they do.

They don't get laid either.
He didn't answer the phone all day! He was probably jerking off while doing mf runs. What a bitch.
by Ultima April 30, 2004
The sexiest IT on the irchighway!!
If you know IT then you are on your way of being cool, and getting it bad.
I love UltimateSexorZ, It made my day!
by Ultima March 16, 2005
This is what Opie smells like. It's kind of like those plants that grow in swampmarshes.
Gee, Opie sure does smell like a penis frond.
by Ultima September 30, 2003
Short for "Age of Shadows" - the version of the popular online MMORPG Ultima Online that moved focus more onto what items the player has in his inventory than his actual skill.
Ultima Online: AoS completely took away any skill involved whatsoever in PvP combat.
by Ultima May 26, 2004

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