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It is when a heifa (in most cases a male-but can also be a woman) acts very stupid, uncaring, and senseless. These people tend to be egotistical, rude, self-centered, HIGHLY inconsiderate, and tend to ignore the feelings of those around them. The people also tend to have another called CHD, or chronic hand disease. There is no avoiding these type of people because it is something one can develope over time and there can be different levels on the heffadonkis spectrum.
Why did you throw my ish on the floor? That was brand new!! Because I felt like it and I don't like you, is there a problem? Yes, heifa, there is a problem! YOU ARE SUCH A HEFFADONKIS!!
by UloPeach February 19, 2010
It's a metaphorical drink that seems to be the cause of all Heffadonkis behavior within a person
You stupid hoe, I don't wanna talk to you! But you're the one who called me ova here... are you on heffatonic, because your acting ill right now.
by UloPeach February 19, 2010
it is when a guy decides he doesn't want to text you or call you, yet he calls and texts everyone else who isn't important this can pertain to woman as well. Usually these people are on some level of the Heffadonkis spectrum. They usually know you want to hear from them and you care and deliberately ignores you and does not call you or try to contact you like their is something wrong with their fingers.
Why didn't you call me last night? I was waiting and you said you were going to call me back. I was talking to my friend Patrice and then I didn't feel like it. What did you do after that? I went on facebook. You know that just shows you got CHD (Chronic Hand Disease)!
by UloPeach February 19, 2010
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