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a girl with a tiny waist that explodes into a round, bootylicious derrier. Rap group A Tribe called Quest made phrase famous in the early '90s with "Bonita apple bum" song.
"Hey bonita apple bum, shake that ass".
by Ulla Mahaka May 16, 2006
Group of people living in inner cities who have become just as good as family members through sharing time, space and life but who are not related to each other by blood.

Surrogate and adoptive individuals, people or groups who provide family suport to another or others in the absence of real family members in an urban setting.

Includes friends, mentors, community supporters, church groups, foster families, charities, good samaritans or total strangers etc.
"Hey Milo, d'you have any family in the UK?"

"No man, they're all back home in Africa but I'm not alone cos I've got a huge urban family tree supporting and loving me".

"Yeah, like who?"

"Jackie's my aunt, R.W. is my big brother and I've got the best grandma I visit in Islington".
by Ulla Mahaka June 16, 2009
Something that is and/or feels amazing
Q: How're you feeling today?

A: I feel absolutely quanguarous!!
by Ulla Mahaka June 08, 2006
a word used for either positive or negative emotions in place of the conventional words especially when they fail.
"I am shocked, stunned, doongooroosed!"
by Ulla Mahaka June 08, 2006
slag word originated in 1994 by Tabitha Mahaka for sex
"Baby I wanna scuba"
by Ulla Mahaka June 08, 2006

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