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A foul smelling, doughy, smagma like paste that forms underneath the foreskin after several days of being exposed to salty ocean water, and not being able to shower.
Mark, a boatswain by trade, had been working tirelessly on board a fishing vessel during heavy seas without sleep, and without showering. On the third day, when the weather finally eased, Marks cabin mates noted a foul smell inside their living quarters even after they had all showered. Threatening Mark with steal brushes and rubbing alcohol, Mark was forced to the showers, where, after struggling to peel back his foreskin, noted the foul smelling build up of Prilldough. Once cleaned, Mark went on living the Plug Life of a sailor.
by Ukey Joe September 15, 2009
When a guy with a really long and skinny dick, spears fresh fruit, and has his bitch eat it.
Pat bought some pomegranite and kiwi, made a Ukranian Shish Kabob, and had jenny eat it.
by Ukey Joe September 08, 2009

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