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3 definitions by Ukchana

A rarely used way of saying "Fuck You" in Japanese.
Jimmy: Nice ass.

Yunko: Zakennayo, loser.
by Ukchana December 24, 2003
46 35
Someone who is lame and incredibly stupid. From the idea that while a titty-fuck isn't so bad, the actual tit that gets fucked isn't so intelligent.
You fuck-titty! I told you to take out the trash three days ago!

That fuck-titty hit my car!
by Ukchana December 24, 2003
5 8
A "very cool" (supposedly) way of saying gaijin that Americans will most likely not recognize. It's merely the switching of the syllables of gaijin.
Rumi: Jingai bakari! (nothing but foreign barbarians here)
by Ukchana December 24, 2003
4 8