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5 definitions by Uiril

Despite the other definition saying that r/atheism is not a place filled with bigoted assholes, it is. Simply a visit to its front page reveals this and calling all the members of one faith "brain washed" is not only being retarded but it is also generalizing on a foolish preconceived notion based on personal experience.

The idiots over at r/atheism are incapable of having an intellectual discussion. They simply post insulting memes about God and Christians (they mostly don't touch on other faiths as they have an irrational hatred against Christians) but ask them why they're atheist and they can never give a good reason. Some of their reasons are below:

"I'm gay and God hates gays and therefore he doesn't exist!"

"My sister died! God didn't prevent that and therefore this universe came from nothing!"

They will not consider any other world-view such as agnosticism or deism. Anything disagreeing with them is "Christian" or "unscientific" even though they're the unscientific ones for relying on anecdotal claims.

Recently, r/atheism came up with a series of images where its members would take pictures of themselves explaining why they're atheist. For a good laugh, Google "faces of atheism" and go onto images. You'll find half-naked men and old balding men sticking their middle fingers up saying that they don't believe in God because they are intellectual. As if! These monkeys clearly don't know their left hand from their right!
r/atheism is the home of assholes and professional quote makers such as A.A Lewis.
by Uiril November 22, 2013
Atheists who preach their hypothesizes 24/7 and jump down the throats of those who oppose their unscientific dribble. Most fundies preach the abiogenesis hypothesis (bullshit hypothesis which says that life arose from non-living chemicals which is statistically impossible) and constantly claim that God isn't real. There is no intellectual discussion to be had with these closed minded retards as they believe that all Christians are extremists, when in fact, they are the extremists as the other definitions here prove.
Atheist fundie: "God doesn't reel because I'm gay!"
by Uiril November 22, 2013
R&S is the religion & spirituality section of yahoo answers. It is frequented mainly by atheist nut jobs who simply post the same regurgitated shit over and over again. There could be a Christian asking someone what a verse of The Bible means and the comment section, within minutes, will be overrun with brainless atheists circle-jerking and saying "god doesn't reel" "I don't believe in sky daddy" "I don't believe in invisible men save for the one who visits me at night to fuck me up my gay atheist asshole".

There is no real discussion to be gained from the atheists there either as they use anecdotal claims for their arguments. (i.e all religious people are evil because my Catholic father bum raped my asshole when I was a kid). None of them are able to use scientific sources or any evidence to support their claims and expect people to take what they say as literal truth.
Agnostic: Is there a god?

Theist: Yes. I believe so. Let me explain why... *goes on to give his argument*

Atheist: God doesn't reel! You're stupid because you believe in sky daddy!!!! We all came from nothing! BIG BANG THEORY IS WRONG! STEADY STATE IS THE TRUTH!!!

This continues all night as the atheist regulars on R&S literally answer as many questions as they can with this shit until they fall to sleep at their desktop in their basements.
by Uiril November 22, 2013
Something atheists pretend to understand.
In reality atheists do not understand science otherwise they'd know that it doesn't debunk God. Science simply explains how things are done.
by Uiril December 27, 2013
Are atheists mentally ill? This question was asked on Yahoo Answers when articles started popping up across the internet about the mental instability of the atheist. The question typically drives the atheist insane especially when you present it in the format below using the sources.

Atheists are mentally ill.

All research and evidence leads to the conclusion of these facts:

+Atheists are deeply depressed.
+Atheists have the higher suicide rate out of any belief system.
+Atheists suffer from social anxiety and negative perception (confidence issues).
+Atheists have an irrational hatred and obsession with religion leading to more social problems.
+There are no mental health benefits of atheism. It is devoid of rational thinking and mental protection.


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The atheist typically ignores all of the sources and responds in anger accusing you of "lying" and being a Christian. They start proclaiming that they are not mentally ill for not believing in a "sky daddy" (their childish view of a god) but yet go onto prove it with their emotional responses showing that they are mentally unstable and can't accept the truth. Not one can address the question and not one can acknowledge the scientific sources.

Me: Are atheists mentally ill?


Me: Clearly they are mentally ill.
by Uiril November 22, 2013