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Welcome to Plainedge High School, where people actually have a drinking/drug problem by their sophomore year! There's a 13th grade in plainedge, we call it Nassau Community College. Nobody gives a shit about anything and half of the students come to school twice a week.

The freshmen throw themselves all over the older guys and try way too hard (I can name a select few off hand!). All the girls hate eachother, and start fights via facebook just about every other day.

Everyone makes up annoying words/languages which become widely known throughout the school within a week. For example, DOH, NAO, CARE, I SWEAR, GET EM, LIKE YOU, I MEAN I GUESS, YOU'LL GET HER, SICK LIFE, YES YES OH YES, UH HUHHHHH. Not to mention sarcasm is a 2nd language.

Chief and Sarge are the school's security guards who don't do shit. Grown men actually ride bikes around the school, An old woman who had an "accident" simply walked into the school and shit all over the girls' bathroom without being stopped.

Yes, there's most likely a crowd of kids drinking in a sump, park or at the high school on weekends just like every other town on the planet. The security guards that ride around in the jeeps are wannabe cops and everyone is friends with them anyway.

There's cockroaches when you open up the closets and dirty underwear on the locker room floors.

Everyone talks about how Plainedge sucks so bad but everyone knows they really wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
" I mean I guess that I swear that I care that I like PLAINEDGE alot! "

by Uhhhhhh Ben Dover!?!!?! January 05, 2010

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