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5 definitions by Uh-Oh Oreo

What you call someone with a very big nose.So big, it leans over to the left. In tweet's song, one of the lines goes "lean ooover to the left"
"James, your nose so big it lean over the left"

"You got that tweet nose"
by Uh-Oh Oreo June 28, 2004
adjective used to describe who your friends are...used to end any sentence...used as a single word sentence...used to break silence

The sex was good, bwahhhh..

by Uh-Oh OREO December 01, 2004
The new hot language created by Jennifer and Shaneka. Words include Tasha (ho), Raheim (messed up), Brandon (fine), Sterling (busted), Mary (fake), Robyn (shut up)
Robyn you Tasha with your Sterling shoes.
by Uh-Oh Oreo June 28, 2004
the trillest hood in south Charlotte, NC
Let's ride over to Pine Valley
by Uh-Oh Oreo June 28, 2004
a ghetto name for a hype trill girl
Shaneka Staton from crunkville
by Uh-Oh Oreo June 28, 2004