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A couple of Southern bros who are related in some way.
Example: “Look, the Gilligans are wearing matching hawaiian shirts and skidding out in the parking lot again. They’re like Bro and Luke Duke.”
by Uglyfredy January 18, 2005
(noun.) Brave New World – One of the first New Jersey surf shop(s) established in 1976 by pioneer East Coast Surfer Bill Lammers. Located in Point Pleasant Beach NJ. “Brave New World Surf and Ski” has been the leading retailer of surfboards, snowboards, skateboards and related fashions eventually expanding to three locations with additional locations in Toms River & Little Silver NJ.

Synonyms: Brave, BNW, Brave New Macys,

(fact. 1) The Point Pleasant location is one of the largest surf shops in the USA with over 16000sqft of retail floor space and BNW is the largest single purchaser of surfboards in the USA buying more than 1000 surfboards a year for resale in their stores!

(fact. 2) Brave New World was one of the first retailer sellers on snowboards offering them for sale along side ski equipment in the 1980’s

(fact. 3) Brave New World offers a free surf webcam on their website www.bravesurf.com
Lets stop at Brave on the way to the beach to buy some surf wax!
by Uglyfredy January 17, 2005

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