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Lets all go back to the old days of ROCK... you have various forms like alternate, pop, light, gothic, satanic, and the best hard rock...bands like deep purple, led zeppelin and black sabbath are hard rock bands.... then in the 80's they changed to metal then came heavy metal, heavy metal bands are like judas priest, iron maiden, pantera and anthrax and so forth, still I class this as hard rock..but they call it heavy metal. You got lots of forms of metal these days and death metal stands alone, its not gothic or fantasy I call it where you run around naked and bite people like a vampire, thats gothic. so to be classed as death metal you do not sing about satan...thats more like satanic rock and its not death metal by far. To be a death metal band you must sing about death, your first clue is they call it DEATH metal.... bands like cannibal corpse has songs like "hammer smashed face" so if you get yer face smashed in by a hammer hmmm death can be the result, or like the song "fucked with a knife" hmmm chances are you will die if you decide to fuck yerself with a knife, so bands like cannibal corpse I would assume sings about the ways of DEATH so I think you can say they are DEATH metal 4sure. If you sing about anything else then how could it be Death Metal... Death and the ways of dying are brutal, cold and sadistic in this music, you don't sing about gramma dying from old age but if she got beat to death by a baseball bat then yeah whew thats death metal 4sure. So now you know the word DEATH has to be why they make songs, not satan or being a vampire or being political has to do with being thrilled by death. You must love the word DEATH and the music will make you want to hear more. It's vulgar and disturbing and sometimes insane and to me its great music. I think Death metal is way above all forms of metal and will kill to be the best form of metal, get it hehehe kill... okay remember the word DEATH before you play your gothic satanic political rock music and call it death metal.
Satan did not turn you into a vampire so you can smash your neighbors face in with a crowbar.... hey nobody mentioned the band "CROWBAR" they are a real death metal band.
by UglyMutt November 09, 2006
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