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The sudden, violent shake of the body during or at the end of a urinating session sometimes resulting in pee hitting the seat or even the floor. The most massive jolts can be achieved in the movie theater bathroom or in dark places you have never been before.
Friend 1: 'Hey guy, I just had the nicest pee jolt at the urinal.

Friend 2: 'I know. I saw your whole body shake. Now let's get back to the flick. I'm sure it has started by now.
by Uggsly February 04, 2010
Happens when a car needs to hang a right but has to wait for bonehead to get through the crosswalk. When bonehead realizes he is holding the car up, he breaks into a slight jog letting the car know that he sees them and he is going to hurry for them but this slow jog is no quicker than walking.
Hermes: ''Hurry up man, I need to get my girl some tampons.''
Friend: ''There he goes dude, breakin' in to the crosswalk shuffle.''
by Uggsly June 21, 2011
When several people are listening to someone tell a joke and one idiot decides he needs to laugh out loud before the punchline. We all have at least one friend we know that is notorious for jumping the joke.
Dude: ''Look at Tom with that huge dumbass smile on his face.
Guy: ''You know exactly what he's up to. He's jumping the joke in T minus 10.
by Uggsly June 21, 2011

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