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The state of being under-employed, working less than full time, that allows extra free time to have fun.
While I was funderemployed, I trained for and ran a marathon.
by Uffish Thought July 28, 2009
San Francisco is a city of approximately 7 x 7 square miles, bounded to the East and North by the San Francisco bay, to the West by the Pacific Ocean, and to the South by the Peninsula.

It is considered by many to be a beautiful city filled with the charm of foggy hilly streets, old Victorian homes, a thriving modern downtown and an eclectic mix of people living in approximately 27 distinct neighborhoods, including a decade old Chinese community.
San Francisco is 7 x 7 square miles, and is often referred to by it's inhabitants as "49 square miles surrounded by reality"
by Uffish Thought February 02, 2011
Loss of appetite, and subsequent weight loss, following a relationship breakup.
"David has lost a lot of weight recently"
"Yah, he's got breakuporxia after he and Susan split"
by Uffish Thought April 28, 2010
Anal, Vaginal, Oral
The personal add read A.V.O. meaning she was into anything and everything.
by Uffish Thought August 12, 2010
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