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what I would say because I dont fucking care anymore.
he tricked me into thinking he was gonna be there always but he was nothing but a fake.
Quote 'thats fucking great.' good for you.here the medal.
by UdaFaggette May 23, 2008
a fag who stands by the fag's side beCOZ they lovers.
Faggetter is fat n ugleeeeeeeeeeeeee. Stankkkkkk like they momma coochie lard tooooooooo~.
by UdaFaggette May 23, 2008
1.what I see whenever I use email. OH GOD now I'm soooooooo fat and stupid I can't fucking

2.what U R.

3.Yo momma cooch smell.
Oh Gawdddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!! SPAM meh! SPAM! YAH!YAH!MUCHO LOVE!!!
by UdaFaggette May 23, 2008

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