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A very popular pairing among fans of the shoujo anime and manga series named 'Ghost Hunt'. Mai Taniyama is a 16 year old girl who works as a part-time assistant in Shibuya Psychic Research centre (an organization which studies psychic phenomena). Kazuya Shibuya (Naru is short for narcissist, given as a nickname to him by Mai)is the young handsome 17 year old boss of SPR. The idea of a romantic relationship between the two main characters Mai and Naru has been supported by many hints of development given by the anime, manga done by Shiho Inada and the novels created by Fuyumi Ono.

At beginning of the series, Mai despised Naru due to his narcissistic personality and his egoistical behavior despite his good looks. But after she sees Naru smile in her dreams, she develops romantic feelings towards him. Whether or not Naru returns the sentiment is still unknown though, at times hints are given out by Naru himself that Mai's feelings may be requited. One thing is certain about Naru: he cares for Mai deeply.
A great example of this being portrayed would be in the third case when the SPR worked on a case where nasty accidents occurred to students who sat a specific desk in a classroom. In this case, both Naru and Mai fell into a sewer. Mai began panicking when Naru confirmed the possibility that she, like him was targeted by the culprit behind all the accidents of the students at the school. In order to entertain and cheer her up until someone came to help them , Naru performed a small magic trick with a coin. This impressed Mai very much and asked if he could perform any more tricks. He replied that he is unable to do any other tricks as there were not enough equipment available at the moment. Mai suspected that he injured himself when he fell in to the sewer but those thoughts were pushed aside when a a ghostly woman appeared in the sewer. This woman took a scythe out of her mouth frightening Mai. Naru who was crouched in front of Mai protecting her from the ghostly woman, took hold of Mai's wrist and assured her that nothing will happen to them. Few seconds later the ghostly being disappeared as Lin, Naru's other assistant came for their rescue.
We understand that this is one of the numerous Naru X Mai moments which imply that Naru cares for Mai even though most of the other times he usualy makes fun of the fact that he is much more intelligent and more capable of doing things than her.
by Uchiha Sakura July 06, 2007

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