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n. a phrase used to express quantity; a large amount of something.
"There were a grip of people at the concert."

"I have a grip of homework to finish before class tomorrow."
by UberGanz July 23, 2008
1. the fourth album by the american funk band, parliament.

2. a northern californian funk-rock jam band formed in the early 21st century.
the new concept album by parliament is called 'the mothership connection.'
by UberGanz July 23, 2008
n. an adaptation of the reverse phonetic spelling of the phrase, "circle jerk."
"hey are you in for the kredge elkis at johnny's house after school?"
by UberGanz July 23, 2008
n. a water-differential pipe crafted from an empty milk jug; gravity bong.
"after taking three hits out of the gravitron, i spent the rest of the night curled up next to the toilet.
by UberGanz July 23, 2008
adj. the state of being high as a result of smoking grape ape cannabis.
"Man i'm graped! That grape ape is fuckin' dank!
by Uberganz July 23, 2008
n. one's personal stash and/or cultivation of cannabis.
"hey, let's smoke some jib."

"johnny is out back watering the jib."
by UberGanz July 23, 2008

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