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a word italians use as a derogatory to people not in the mafia or commonly used instead of idiot.
Hey, watch where ya goin' ya big gabone, ya almost made me drop my cannoli.
by UTcrony420 March 03, 2009
Somebody that's stupid, cut or just really baked.

Used in context of making fun of strangers or any one you feel is retarded.

Short for a Jughead, that weak character from arhcie comics. or just a knuckle head.
God, look at this dumb fucking jugga.
by UTcrony420 March 03, 2009
In reference to someone who has done you wrong or just some idiot.
Dudes from the east coast and 1940's Los Angeles commonly use this reference.
Mostly used in second person.
Hey, watch where ya goin' pally, I'm walkin' here.
by UTcrony420 March 03, 2009
A catch phrase used when you want emphasis something leaving.

Commonly used by Philadelphia Phillies pitchers talking about their pitches.
I had pocket aces and cleaned out this dude and then I said to him, 'boom outa here'.
by UTcrony420 March 03, 2009
Someone who works a nine to five for a corporation. Most work downtown in big building and are a slave to the system. While at work most corporate bots choose to play online Wheel of Fortune or other similar computer games. Also most corporate bots love to get tanked at happy hour.

Driving at five sucks because all these corporate bots back up I-15 like a mother fucker.

Damn, that corporate bot is fucking hammered.
by UTcrony420 March 03, 2009
Short for devastating.
That bad beat you took in poker last night was super fucking devy.
by UTcrony420 March 04, 2009
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