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A person who commits to something and doesnt show up and or bails at the last minute.
Mary is a complete flodger, and she flodged out on me. Seriously she just called and said she couldnt come over. What a flodge!
by UT fuckers February 14, 2005
You're drunk, and you meet Lafawnduh. You decide to go down on her and her vagina is hairy. You eat it anyways. You just had a furburger, eating, sucking, licking, slobbing on a hairy vagina.
Lafawnda had a major furburger, i'm still finding hair in my teeth.
by UT fuckers February 14, 2005
A line of guys who enjoy the company of other men. A sort of leap frog of sex if you will. The man in the back is the pitcher and the person directly in front of him is the catcher... he is also a pitcher for the guy in front of him. The men alternate from a standing to bent position engaging is homosexual activity.
I walked into your dads room and saw him in the middle of the gravy trian smiling and laughing.
by UT fuckers February 14, 2005
John hits it from the front and Grant hits it from the back. Their skill is unmatchable as they execute the move.
John and Grant executed a perfect eiffel tower on that slam hoe PARIS bitch!
by UT fuckers February 14, 2005
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