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A country with origins in the 13 colonies of England. Over the centuries it became the only superpower country in the world after winning the cold war. Many a population around the world hate the USA because our reputation has been tarnished extremely by President George Bush. But many people who hate america are ignorant because they don't understand that the majority of the country are good natured, intelligent people. But for some reason, many people think we are all fat, mcdonalds eating hicks. This accusation is wrong. We (not including bush) put our brave men and women in danger only when our people are in danger, ie. Afghanistan, Germany, Japan, Civil War. We were one of the first countries to have a republic and we will defend it with our lives. And McDonalds are fucking in EVERY country basically, so why are we the fat asses.
English Guy: Hey look its an american, i bet his family are all fat arse mcdonald eating hicks, fuck USA.

American: No, you are ignorant, the only Americans you hear about are the bad ones. Which are the minority.

English Guy: Shut up fat arse mcdonald eater.

American: (Proceeds to beat the shit out of the english man)
by USAdoggie August 28, 2009

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