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1. Verb: Ejaculation
2. Noun: Sperm
"I payloaded all over her"


"Here comes the payload!"
by Urkel August 06, 2004
The expression "well blow me down" for people under the age of 60
The Jaguars won the Super Bowl!!!
Well Urkel my wife!!!
#expression #urkel #nerdish #insane #wtf
by URkEL September 30, 2012
Some insane guy who cleans the bathroom and asks for tips at the Big E, and gets weirder by the year and says totally crazy things I will not repeat.
The bathroom guy sure is insane.
#what? #insane #unmentionable #bathroom #crazy
by URkEL September 30, 2012
Some guy who hijacks vans and goes up to random boys and says "hey there boyo, do you wanna play pick up sticks in my van?" He is also obsessed with raspberry turnovers and popcorn chicken.
Boyo Dude is a total freak.
#mick jagger #rasberry turnovers #popcorn chicken #hijacker #van
by URkEL September 30, 2012
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