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Being constantly fascinated with and involved in the sex position 69. Mentioned in the SNL short 'Roy Rules.'

The term is derived from the saying stores use to let people know they are always available 'Open 24/7.' In the same way 24 7 69 lets people know you are always available for some hardcore 69ing if you are not already doing the sensual act.
Wilson: Hey, how come I never see your roommate around?

Andrew: Oh! Its because he follows the lifestyle known as 24 7 69!

Wilson: What's that?

Andrew: Why don't you open his door and find out?

(door is opened upon Andrew's roommate Ignatio 69ing with an obese woman wearing a paper bag with a picture of Wilson's face on it)

Wilson: Oh GAWD!!!!! (cries out of pure trauma)
by UNOWN31 June 29, 2010
A massive orgy in which each male has his penis in the man in front of him creating a 'train' of gay sex. Derives from common acts followed by the Ezekiel Short
Andrew: Gosh, my hand is cramped from last night's Short Train!
Wilson: At least your penis isn't covered in toxic fingerpaint, that Ezekiel Short got way out of hand and into my rectum last night!
by UNOWN31 June 25, 2010
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