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2 definitions by ULL NVR NO!

danyka is a little french whore froggy shiat hoo has no frendz cuz she likes to bitch and has a squeaky voice in doing so! she likes all eyes to b on her which explains her hair color and odd sense of *fashion* and/or sexuality. she likes her job on st catherine street as a whore who pleases both men AND women! also likes doggy style (doing it greek)
danyka lives on the street, with her dildo and her hampster!
by ULL NVR NO! February 11, 2005
Lida is known to maleste little children. Known to be a "pedafile". Is shorter than pritul. Only has one boob she is a cycloboob. Her nicknames include Cher, Dave, and Ugly.
Lida stop watching ur eskimo porn and trying to learn how to use a dildo!
by ULL NVR NO! February 11, 2005