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The kids here do massive amounts of drugs (weed, blow, etc.) and party extremely harder then most other suburban communities. Despite the excessive partying these kids have seen the world three times over and are some of the most cultured and classiest individuals around. Young adults between the ages of 16-25 basically live in a drugged out haze of parties and sexual favors. Kids quietly compete with one another about who has the biggest summer home, who goes to the better college and who can amass the most materiel possessions. To speak openly about this competition is socially unacceptable and very unbecoming. The public school girls can be seen driving their Benz's, BMW's, Audi's, Volkswagen's and Land Rover's around town at all hours of the night looking for a house party or the next local bar to "chill" at. The private school girls can be seen in the back of their parents chauffeured Bentley attending amazing sweet sixteens, debutante balls, and benefit galas while the whole time being strung out on some prescription drug. Welcome to the world of Roslyn.
GFA girl 1: I want to go shopping this weekend and the americana mall (a mall filled with just designer clothes like polo, lacoste, Versaci and much more) just won't do. I have shopped there the last 3 weekends.
GFA girl 2: OMG! I know! Lets see if my parents can arrange a jet for us so we can go to London and shop on Bond Street.
I used to live in Roslyn because the town was so nice and wealthy but because of the JAPPIE behavior i had to move!!!
by UGHHHHhh2q4we ajo;fklmszxv January 07, 2010

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