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The kind of crap where it comes so suddenly that it is impossible to avoid:

Symptoms: Growling of lower stomach.

As soon as your ass hits the toilet, liquid shoots out like water hoes, making you feel like someone force fed you a toy and then ripped it out through your ass.

Aftermath: Wondering why the fuck are you still shitting the next two days and if there is any way to get rid of the burning.
Friend: "Why the hell were you up all night?"

You: "...let's just say WW3 was finally fought."

Friend: "...what?"

You: "I blew up their white ship, B5, with my liquid poison, E.D...also known as Explosive diarrhea. "

Friend: "You fought well my friend."
by UDon'tKnowWhoIam,ButIKnowU May 31, 2009

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