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Breed of hipster who dresses exclusively in earth tones - tans, grays, dark greens, etc. - and sometimes other muted colors. To the untrained eye (i.e. someone only accustomed to hipsters who wear bright, multicolored and/or metallic clothes), an earth tone hipster may fly under the radar.

Earth tone hipsters often have intellectual inclinations and their 'quieter' clothing (compared to that of their loudly-colored cousins) reflects their 'introspective' tendencies.
Nick: Hey, you said your school is full of hipsters but I don't see any metallic silver leggings.

Sophie: Shh, they're all over the place. You just can't see them because they're all intellectual-type earth tone hipsters and they blend in with their surroundings.
by UD Phwoar July 14, 2011
Adj. Literate in Twitter-speak; able to use Twitter.
Doug: Hey man, did you see my last tweet?
Tom: Nah, sorry dude, I'm still not twitterate.
by UD Phwoar July 26, 2011
Betch + hipster = betchster, a sorority-type biddie who tries to dress like a hipster.

Betchsters are very common at music festivals - especially outdoor ones so they can wear crochet bikini tops and get a tan - but they don't care so much about the music as they do about looking the part. The day a betch discovers Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, she is reborn a betchster.
I think I saw Katelyn front row at MGMT - I guess she ditched her Abercrombie look and became a betchster.

Take that stupid headband off your forehead, you look like a betchster.
by UD Phwoar July 22, 2011
People watching in a location or neighborhood where only beautiful people hang out, such as a Whole Foods market. Comparable to observing exotic birds at a zoo.
Let's go to Whole Foods - I'm in the mood for some beautiful-people-watching.

H: Ooh, look at that dude pick out his protein-rich drinks. I bet his name is Nate and he's going kayaking after this.
Z: Hmm, do you think that girl with the shiny hair is his girlfriend or his sister?
H: I'm gonna say that's his mom. She has very nice skin for her age, though.
by UD Phwoar July 22, 2011

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