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A new trend, namely on xanga. Offshoots from the EMO trend. It varies: many people strongly dislike "electrikks" because of their annoying and odd habits. It is this writer's opinion that using ";;" or "&&" ONCE IN A WHILE is fun to spice up your writing..You know, make it look more pressentable or unique...HOWEVER...Connecting every single fucking sentence and using "kthx" and "BANG-BANG" repeatedly and things like that gets annoying. Electrikk is ok, as long as its not all out, over done to the max.
Electrikks like....

Polka Dots
Really bright neon layouts
guns, namely the word BANG
"kthx" and other such shorthand slang
connecting sentences with no spaces or with just periods.
Using double "&" and ";".
After every sentence there always seems to be a "<3" or a "</3".
Emo music
Romantic or poetic sounding things.
instead of saying stuff/stuff, they say stuff // stuff
Calling emo ppl and such things like that "SCENE"
Finally, they also use "such-and-such = sex". NO. Conor Oberst does not = sex, MCR does not = sex. PENIS IN VAGINA = SEX OK!? Thank you.
by UD = sex June 26, 2005

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