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TRiO Upward Bound is one of three programs in TRiO. Upward Bound is targeted towards High School teenagers to help prepare them for Colleges, Universities, and their future life. Upward Bound prepares students for College and Universities by giving their students a taste of what it is like on a campus for weeks. Classes are also given to students during this time for a more realistic environment besides living on campus.

TRiO exists to help those who are struggling find a good resolution for themselves, and Upward Bound is no exception. Upward Bound would help students deal with the financial costs of college, gives information on getting into college, and keeping students on the right tracks into college. There are even mentors who’re either people that have been in Upward Bound before or people that are very understanding, caring, and reliable to assist their students.

TRiO programs are also very fun, especially with the variety of personalities that can also share many relationships. There are games, activities, and somehow workshops that are fun and educational. It’s a place where people can just be who they are instead of hiding everything in because they think that someone is going to judge them. The teachers are also very understanding and very ENTHUSIASTIC in the classes they are teaching.

Upward Bound isn’t just preparations for college nor is it just a place for fun. Upward Bound is Family.
by UBer Kaoticid November 18, 2009
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