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One of the most reputable Public Universities in the country that continues to rapidly rise in the rankings. The school is the PERFECT mix between an academically-serious/rigid school and a party school. Very good school for Engineering, Business, Architecture, Sciences and many others things.

It's one of the most affordable Universities in the country and the school is not located in the middle of nowhere like many other SUNY's so you rarely get bored. It's also very diverse and has the highest student-satisfaction of any of the main 4 SUNY University centers. The school bus service is amazing in the daytime but crappy in the evenings and night.

There is three campuses. North/Main Campus is located in the suburbs and is mostly made up of unappealing brick buildings but this is where the majority of the activity is. The South Campus is mostly beautiful historic buildings BUT tasteless tin trailers and handful of fugly 60's soviet-style bldgs ruin the ambience of it. Oh, and there's the Downtown Medical campus that few have actually been to. Thankfully, the UB2020 plan aims to restore beauty to all of the campuses.

- In a region with crappy weather
- Many of the older academic buildings don't have cell-phone/data reception.
- Crappy parking for commuters (especially on North Campus).
- Food in Dining Halls is overpriced.
- Crappy internet reception at night in the Ellicott Dorms-{the main dorms}.
Bob- I'm going to _________ College for $45k a year+room and board.
Tom- I'm going to University at Buffalo for $7k a year and then living off campus for dirt cheap.
by UB'er April 11, 2013

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