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Being abandoned in an unfavorable location, more specifically when someone takes your only mode of transportation and strands you in an area out of spite or anger.

Separate from being ditched, as rather then a group leaving one person, one person leaves the group (with the transportation).
If you don't tip our driver you are totally going to get us left in Epcot.
by UAllRedENo August 30, 2010
The skill one possesses at giving a high five. Named for the sound made when two hands meet and your aptitude for making that sound happen.
I hate high fiving Lucy. She's got horrible claptitude.

Logan has awesome claptitude, but your hands always sting a little afterwards.
by UAllRedENo December 09, 2010
1) Going 24-hours without doing a single thing right. The opposite of Reaganing, which is going 24-hours without making a single mistake.

2) Screwing up in the most spectacular way possible. Complete and utter self-destruction.

Named for Charlie Sheen, who has done both very publicly.
Dude, you were totally Sheening.
by UAllRedENo February 28, 2011

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