4 definitions by U Suck Balls ehhh

The type of beauty that makes you stop anytime you see it.
The type of beauty that seems to stop every sense(other than sight)
The type of beauty that makes u swallow your tongue and think instead of say.
The type of beauty that is rarely seens in this society Based on make up.
The type of beauty that is so natural that it amazes anyone.
guy:"Dude did you see that?"
Guy:"look at the house"
Guy#2:"how can you stare at a house with such a stunning beauty infront of u"
by U suck balls ehhh August 07, 2010
When a guy cuts his pubes before oral sex, but doesnt remove them, then jizzs all over the girls mouth then makes her suck him off again and she comes out with a mustache.
O man Erics cutting his pubes he must what to give that chick the hairy surprise.
by U suck balls ehhh June 17, 2010
After sex, a guy squats and ejaculates and shits on the girl's body(can also work in the girls mouth)
Jon was preparing for The big dirty special after sex.
by U suck balls ehhh April 16, 2009
A 15yr old he/she ( looks like a boy but sings like a girl and prolly has a vagina) he is a reason that music is going to shit, he attracts 10yr-13yr old girls and makes anyone over the age of 16 want to kill him.
High schooler #1: Why is there a crowd of 10-13yr old girls over there?

High schooler #2: I dont know man but I have this sudden urge to kill justin bieber?

High schooler #1: o that must be it, Justin Bieber's in town.
by U Suck Balls ehhh July 06, 2010

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