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1 definition by U No Know Me LOL

A social networking site that is commonly used to get in touch with friends from high school that you were supposedly *never going to see again*. Also used to get in contact with people that you just met last week(thank God you remembered their name). Facebook is very popular and used by most college students.

Facebook is pretty cool, until you realize the vast majority of your "Friends" won't return your messages, write on your wall, or comment on your photos. And God forbid you look at someone else's photos, comment on any of them, or write on anybody's wall that you didn't have sleepovers in preschool with because then you will be a "Facebook stalker".
Random Chick #1: "OMG, I totally just got a facebook! So, like, now, I can hang out with, like, everybody I went to high school with!"

Random Guy: "They're going to ignore you, stupid."
by U No Know Me LOL December 20, 2006