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1.) A more intense form of the STD Crabs.
2.) The lice-like creatures that infest the pubic hair of an individual suffering from said STD.
Crabs are contagious; Crotch Vampires are voracious.
by Tzepish March 02, 2005
Dewlies is a word meaning "dual cans of Moutain Dew" - specifically one can in each hand. It is typically used by gamers and game developers who, without a steady stream of caffeine, would never be able to get as much done as they need to.

The term was created by game developers after a late night of staring at a computer monitor and constantly sipping Mountain Dew. The word is a play on the word "dualies", which is a Counter-Strike term for dual pistols.
Dewlies in hand, Blaine was ready to pull another all-nighter.
by Tzepish August 30, 2005

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