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Generally defined as "Don't take the piss." Often quoted as an in-joke, to someone making a foolish suggestion or just taking liberties.
You can do anything you like, mate, but Rule 7 applies
by Tzanti September 02, 2006
High rise social housing, usually council housing. Tipified by crumbling grey concrete structures built in the 1960's to replace wartime bomb-damaged areas of British cities.
"Although I've been up here for a while, I am starting to feel the monotony of the tower blocks." Dubstar (Not So Manic Now)
by Tzanti September 05, 2006
Lots of people talking, not listening to each other and rehashing old arguments, but settling nothing.
The local council is just another political waahfest, all they do is talk about doing something but never agree on what.
by Tzanti November 02, 2006
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