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Dirty ass undies you ain't changed in three days or more.
Nancy you smell, you must be wearing some dungies.
by Tz1210 February 04, 2007
Smelly panties resulting from poo, or other butt-like excretions.
Uuuhg you got on some nasty ass smanties girl!
by Tz1210 February 04, 2007
A sticky situation, possibly involvign an ear mold silly putty and/or olive oil.
" Wendy that silly putty realy got us into a nut hair jubilee".
by TZ1210 February 04, 2007
A skankie thong, worn for three days or more, or one dirted by poo, or other anal discharge.
I took this girlhome and she had on a real gross skong.
by Tz1210 February 04, 2007
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