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4 definitions by Tz1210

Dirty ass undies you ain't changed in three days or more.
Nancy you smell, you must be wearing some dungies.
by Tz1210 February 04, 2007
6 1
Smelly panties resulting from poo, or other butt-like excretions.
Uuuhg you got on some nasty ass smanties girl!
by Tz1210 February 04, 2007
3 2
A sticky situation, possibly involvign an ear mold silly putty and/or olive oil.
" Wendy that silly putty realy got us into a nut hair jubilee".
by TZ1210 February 04, 2007
1 6
A skankie thong, worn for three days or more, or one dirted by poo, or other anal discharge.
I took this girlhome and she had on a real gross skong.
by Tz1210 February 04, 2007
6 57