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Brown Aggression - Commencing in any of the following for no other reason than simply being brown and angry:

* The act of initiating hostilities or invasion, or
* The practice or habit of launching attacks, or
* Hostile or destructive behavior or actions

This term is derived from Tyson's theory of anger which states, "The darkness or tone of one's "skin" is directly proportional to their intrinsic level of Brown Aggression." {aka BA}
-Note: "Skin" also refers to the "inner skin" or color that a person believes he/she is. {see wigger}
1.) Holy shit!.. have you ever seen anyone with more explosive Brown Aggression than Osama B. L.?

2.) Most species of humans indigenous to Riverside, CA. (aka the 909 or 951) have unusually high levels of Brown Aggression, specifically the getto variety of this disorder.
{see ghetto}

3.) {insert your favorite hip-hop artist here} is very talanted yet hostile. It seems that his built up Brown Aggression fuels most of his creativity.
by Tyson00 October 06, 2006

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